We offer more membership options than most fitness centers. First, there are two primary categories that offer a different level of services - Standard or Clinical membership. After choosing the primary category, there are a variety of choices and price points to meet your needs. No matter which membership type you choose, the Fitness Center has an Exercise Physiologist available during all hours of operation to answer your questions and to provide a safe and supportive exercise environment. Please note that you must be at least 16 years old to be a member.

Standard Membership

The Standard membership is the best selection for you if you want to have full facility access, to participate in group exercise classes, to utilize the various amenities, but you are not seeking individualized guidance or medically-based support for a health concern.

Standard Membership Includes:

  • Full facility access
  • Over 60 group exercise classes each week
  • Indoor saline pool
  • Whirlpool
  • Indoor and outdoor tracks
  • Cardio Theatre
  • Extensive cardio equipment - over 90 pieces
  • Women's and men's saunas
  • Cardio theatre
  • Private exercise studio
  • Free locker use
  • Towel service
  • Equipment Orientation
  • Discount on all services, such as massage and personal training
  • Free parking

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Clinical Membership

The Clinical* membership provides a higher level of individualized service for a minimal increase in cost. These services can be extremely helpful for you if you are managing chronic disease or have specific health concerns. As a Clinical member you are assigned to an Exercise Physiologist, called a Lifestyle Counselor, who reviews your medical history, listens to your needs and concerns, works with you to develop short-term and long-term wellness goals, and then provides a detailed exercise prescription to get you started. Clinical memberships can also include blood pressure readings, heart rate checks, oxygen levels, and other important vitals pre, during and post-exercise. If you are a Duke patient, this information will be electronically loaded in your medical chart.

Clinical Membership Includes:

  • All of the Standard Membership options listed above
  • Assigned Lifestyle Counselor (Exercise Physiologist)
  • Initial consultation and exercise prescription
  • Clinical checks as needed (heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, etc.)
  • Yearly program update

*This membership is highly recommended for individuals with cardiac, pulmonary or other chronic diseases, or medical issues that are affected by exercise.

Membership Types

All Access Membership

Enjoy full access during all operating hours with this membership, available in both Standard and Clinical options. Choose from a 3-month or yearly contract, with various payment options. All land and pool classes are included in this membership. A $15 monthly pass may be purchased to attend the Mind Body classes.

Family Membership

The first family member pays the All Access rate, subsequent "family" members pay a reduced rate. Family rates are only available on a yearly contract.

Afternoon Membership

If you are seeking a reduced membership fee, the Afternoon membership may be your answer. This membership provides access Monday through Friday, from noon to 4 pm and all day Saturday and Sunday. This is a yearly contract with various payment options. Classes are limited during the hours of this membership. Those persons motivated by classes may want an All-Access membership.

Duke Employees or Retirees

If you are currently a Duke employee or a Duke retiree, enjoy reduced rates on both Standard and Clinical Regular memberships. This is a yearly contract with various payment options. Proof of employment and retirement will be requested at the time of joining and verified upon renewal.


If you are looking for a short-term fitness option, we also offer a 1-month membership. Maximum of 2 consecutive months, paid in full before starting the program.


If you are a new member, there will be an initiation fee of $100 on all 3 month & annual contracts. Couples pay an initiation fee of $150.

If you are a previous member but terminated less than 6 months ago, there will be no initiation fee assessed. If you terminated between 6 and 12 months ago, the initiation fee will be 50%. If you terminated more than one year prior, the full initiation fee will apply.


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MEMBERSHIP TYPES & RATES                                                                                                                  

Regular Membership

  • Yearly contract - paid monthly                                                     

Standard | $62/month          Clinical | $72/month

  • 3-month contract - paid in full at the start of membership      

 Standard | $200/3months    Clinical | $230/3months

Family Rates

First family member pays regular rate (see above),

  • Second family member pays                                                         

Standard | $47/month          Clinical | $57/month                               

Afternoon Rates

  • Monday through Friday Noon to 4 p.m. All-day Saturday and Sunday                                                        

Standard | $37/month          Clinical | $47/month

Duke Employees or Retirees                                                                          

  • Paid monthly                                                                                     

Standard | $54/month          Clinical | $64/month

Student Membership (No enrollment Fee)

  • 3-month contract- paid monthly                                                 

Standard | $47/month          Clinical | $57/month

  • 3- month paid in full    

Standard | $141/3months   Clinical | $171/3months

1 Month

  • 1-month membership – paid in full at the start of membership   
  • Maximum of 2 consecutive months
  • Member must sign a 3 month or yearly contract if membership will be longer than 2 months in length       

Standard | $77/month         .

An initiation fee of $100 will be assessed for an individual and $150 for a couple on all new memberships, except one-month

memberships.  Discounted Initiation Fees apply to Duke Alumni ($75), Duke OLLI ($50), and current Students ($0). To receive

this discount, must show a valid Duke Alumni Membership card or Olli name badge. Members must be a minimum of 16 years old.

Special offers for new 3 month or annual members!

Special offers are valid for both 3-month and 1-year memberships.  All new member special offers must be

purchased within the first 3 months of joining. 

  • We offer a 30-minute FREE group orientation for new members.
  • We offer 50% off a one-hour personal training session =$31                       
  • New members also receive a one-time option of adding a 10% discounted personal training package or massage package to enhance your membership! 
  • We offer 30% off a one-hour massage therapy session = $49.00.


 For more information about the Duke Health & Fitness Center, call 919.660.6660