Membership Policy Overview

Cancellation of Services

  • Personal Training
  • Massage Therapy
  • Nutrition RMR
  • Fitness Assessments


Any cancellation or rescheduling of appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will result in the full charge of service.

Cancellation of Group Activities

  • Group Fitness Classes (In Person Only)
  • Pool Reservations


Any cancellation or rescheduling of group activities must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled group activity. Failure to do so will result in a $15 cancellation/no show fee per reservation.


You may use a locker during your exercise session, or you may rent a locker on a monthly or yearly basis. Locker keys may be obtained at the front desk by exchanging a key tag that you’ll receive as a new member, car keys or driver’s license for the locker key. All lockers with items left overnight will be emptied. If the locker key is lost, the replacement is $25. Lockers may be rented through the front desk. Duke Health & Fitness Center is not responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of personal property placed in lockers.


Comfortable clothes are recommended for ease of movement. Shirts and shoes must be worn in all non-aquatic activity areas. Closed-toe shoes must be worn during exercise on land; sandals or flip flops are not permitted unless medically required. We strongly recommend wearing pool shoes when involved in pool or spa activities. Pool shoes protect your feet from possible abrasions and also help to prevent slipping on wet surfaces.


We provide towels for all of our members and guests. As you leave the facility, please deposit your soiled towels in the hampers provided near the front desk.  We appreciate your assistance in keeping our facility clean and tidy.

Perfume and Cologne

In consideration of our members and guests with allergies or other pulmonary concerns, please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, after-shave or other fragrances in our facility.


Both locker rooms have a dry sauna for your enjoyment. We are concerned about your safety, so users should limit themselves to no more than 10 minutes in the sauna to avoid the possibility of heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Users at high risk -- pregnant women, individuals with high blood pressure, heart disease or other medical conditions that could be exacerbated by exposure to high temperature -- should consult a medical professional before entering the sauna. Please note that it is a dry sauna. Do not add any water to the heating unit as it will cause electrical problems and create a possible safety issue.

Whirlpool (spa) and saline pool

Showers are required before entering the pool or whirlpool. No tissues, open wounds, or bandages are allowed in the pool or whirlpool. Please refrain from wearing dirty shoes into the pool area. Do not run on the pool deck and use the hand rails as available. The pool is shallow, so there is no diving. Lifeguards are not on duty, so it is recommended that you do not swim alone. We are concerned about your safety. Please limit your time in the spa tub to a maximum of 10 minutes. Due to the high temperature and humidity, the whirlpool can be dangerous to your health and it is recommended that you consult your physician before use. Those who are pregnant and those with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and respiratory problems should avoid exposure to high heat and humidity.


Guests are welcome at Duke Health and Fitness Center. Visitors will be asked to complete a short exercise waiver before engaging in any activity. Guest passes provide access to the facility and services and may be purchased at the front desk for $15 per day or $40 per week. Each new Fitness Center member receives two free guest passes when joining on an annual contract.


We want our clients to have the safest and cleanest possible environment. With a high volume of usage, it is critical that everyone do their part to contribute to a clean environment. Place your soiled towels in the hampers provided.  Do not leave towels in the locker room.  Use the provided disinfectant spray and disposable paper towels to clean exercise equipment both before and after every use.  Spray bottles and paper towels are provided throughout the facility. There are also multiple hand gel stations throughout the building. Wash your hands before and after your workout. If you see anything that needs the attention of our housekeeping staff, please notify the front desk.


Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult when in the fitness center.  They are not allowed in any of the exercise areas, including the track or pool.  They must remain in either the lobby or seated in the chairs by the front desk. Trips to the locker room must be accompanied by an adult. Membership is limited to those 16 years and older.

Cell phones

Please be aware of your safety and be considerate of others when using a cell phone in the facility. We ask that you limit usage as appropriate. Cell phones may not be used while utilizing strength equipment or during group exercise classes. If loud volumes are experienced by others, the user may be requested to use ear buds.  Photos or videos are not allowed anywhere in the facility, particularly in the locker rooms. The staff may determine that you are posing a risk to yourself or others, and ask you to refrain from cell phone use during certain activities.

Severe weather policy

In case of severe weather (i.e., ice, snow, tornado, hurricane, etc.), please call the Front Desk (919-660-6660) or check this website to confirm the fitness center hours. If an event occurs overnight, there will be an announcement recorded on the hotline by the start of business hours. We adhere to Duke Hospital’s Inclement Weather Policy for closures.

Lost and found

Any personal items found in the facility should be turned in at the front desk. Items will be retained for a period of 14 days. After 14 days have expired, the items will be thrown away.

Medical Freezes

We allow for medical freezes up to 6 months in monthly increments each contract year.  To activate a freeze, please have your physician notify us that you are unable to exercise due to an illness or injury.  Once we receive documentation that you are unable to participate in exercise, we will freeze your membership.  We must be notified within three (3) months from when the illness or injury occurred.  We do not do freeze retrospectively beyond three (3) months.  Here is the required Medical Freeze/Clearance form.

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Client Code of Conduct


The staff of the Duke Health & Fitness Center is committed to providing high quality membership experiences in a healthy environment for all members and guests. Clients are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. The following standards of conduct apply to all members and guests while utilizing the Duke Health & Fitness Center.

1. Clients/guests are expected to be respectful of other participants and staff. Clients may not use profane, abusive or loud/boisterous language while on the premises or engage in any action, which may be discourteous or harmful to others.

2. Clients/guests are expected to interact appropriately with other participants, staff and guests. Behavior should not violate another person's sense of privacy or dignity.

3. Clients/guests may not make threats, fight, or engage in any inappropriate or unwanted physical contact with another person while on the premises.

4. Clients/guests suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will not be allowed admission into the facility.

5. Clients/guests participating in group exercise classes are expected to be respectful of the instructor and other participants and should not engage in disruptive behavior of any kind.

6. Clients/guests are expected to maintain confidentiality regarding any other client’s program participation.

7. Clients/guests are expected to be respectful of all Duke property.

8. Client/guests may not take any photographs/videos anywhere in the facility, especially the locker rooms.

Violations of any of these rules may result in termination of membership.

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Expanded Pool Policies


Our pool is highly utilized, please observe the following policies so everyone can enjoy their experience:

  • Shower before entering the pool or spa.
  • Do not use the pool with open wounds or sores.  Band-Aids are not allowed in the pool.
  • The use of pool shoes is highly recommended for everyone.
  • No lane lines will be in the pool during group exercise classes and swimming will not be allowed.
  • At the end of classes, three-lane lines will be placed in the pool by staff. These lanes are given priority to lap swimmers.
  • If a lane is empty, the lane may be used for water walking or another type of exercise, but the individual must relinquish the lane immediately for someone who will be swimming laps.
  • During times of high volume, lap swimmers will be expected to share a lane with another swimmer, for a maximum of two people per lane.  Type of swim stroke needs to be adjusted for the safety of both swimmers.
  • Use of lanes is on a first come, first serve basis, but will be limited to 30 minutes if others are waiting to use the lane.
  • For those wanting to water walk or do stationary exercises, the open pool area (outside of the marked lanes) may be utilized.
  • Personal trainers may reserve a lane for training sessions by placing appropriate signage on either end of the lane.

If there are any questions or concerns about pool usage, please see our fitness staff for support or questions.

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Emergency Response and Safety Information 

Medical Emergency 

In the event of a medical emergency, a member of the Duke Health and Fitness Center staff will blow their whistle three times, signaling the front desk to make an overhead announcement regarding the developing emergency situation.  The Duke Health and Fitness Center staff, all of which are CPR and AED certified, are trained to respond to these announcements with very specific actions designed to protect you, our valued members, and guests.   

In an effort to ensure the best possible response by our team, we regularly run simulated emergency drills during normal fitness center hours as practice.  In the event of an Emergency Drill, a yellow sign is placed near the front desk to notify members and guests. 

Whether it’s a true emergency or a drill, please assist us by maintaining both privacy and safety by not going to the location of the emergency, unless otherwise directed to do so. 


AED and First Aid 

The Duke Health and Fitness Center (DHFC) has an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), which is used for emergency purposes only.  The AED is located next to the entrance of the women’s locker room.  DHFC also has multiple first aid kits located throughout the facility.  Both the first aid kits and the AED are maintained on a regular maintenance schedule.   

Any members or guests feeling ill or who may be in need of first aid should let a staff member know right away. 



As an outpatient clinic of Duke University Health System, the fitness center is equipped with a glucometer for blood glucose-related emergencies. All staff receive annual training on how to operate and maintain the glucometer, as well as on proper safety protocol while working with blood and bodily fluids. 


Inclement Weather 

Members and guests will be notified via email and SMS communications in the event of facility closure in the event of inclement weather.  Notifications will also be posted to the DHFC website and DHFC Facebook page. 



The Duke Health and Fitness Center has an emergency weather Radio at the front desk.  In the event of a tornado warning, an overhead announcement will be made, at which time all members, guests, and staff should shelter in place in the closest locker room until the warning has been lifted by the National Weather Service.   

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