New Year, New Interns!

Nutrition Intern

Hi! My name is Kenzie and I am a Colorado native who moved to Durham in September to complete my dietetic internship at Duke University Hospital. This internship is the last step required to become a registered dietitian and I'm loving every minute of it. As an avid foodie, I love all that Durham has to offer and always on the hunt for new restaurants or recipes. My other hobbies include baking, being outdoors, working out, and hanging with friends. In my undergrad, I taught group fitness classes as well, so I am excited to be able to experience all Duke Health and Fitness Center has to offer while I'm here. 

           Fitness Intern

Hi, my name is Julia Edelstein. I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. I am currently a senior at North Dakota State University, in Fargo, ND. At NDSU, I'm studying Exercise Science and I also finished my career competing on the Women's Soccer team. Outside of school & soccer, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, baking, exercise, books, & watching sports. I intend to pursue a career in the medical field & aspire to specialize in orthopedics & sports medicine. While at Duke, I look forward to working collaboratively with a multidisciplinary care team, learning & gaining valuable experience to one-day contribute back to my patients I'm also looking forward to helping clients to achieve and surpass their goals. I'm very excited for this opportunity!

Resolution Tips

1. Start Slow—people start out strong —too strong, they find themselves extra sore or worse, injured & we don’t see them for a while. Use the 10% rule. Only increase your exercise by 10% a week. (ex. Usually, 20 minutes, don’t jump to 30, jump to 22min— then the next week 24-25min.) Most people overestimate what they can do in a day & underestimate what they can do in a year. Make this year’s goals a journey & you will blow past your destination before you know it.

2. One step at a time—trying to change numerous behaviors at once often leads to overwhelm & abandonment. Try the key log method, the log which, if removed, would free up the whole logjam.  Using this method, Identify the goal that allows for your fitness logjam to become a free-flowing system & focus on it for 2-8 months & it is more likely to stick!

3. Ask for help –Regardless of your goal there is a way to get help. Maybe through services here at the DHFC like GETTING ON TRACK for weight loss, or GET UP & GO for early morning workouts,  MASSAGE OR MIND|BODY CLASSES for stress relief. Or simply by telling your friends & family. Asking them to join you or hold you accountable. Research shows increased compliance with behavior change through community & accountability.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but we hope this helps you start & end 2018 Resolute toward your goals!


Could you Not be Eating Enough?— We have a Test that can tell you!

Have you been struggling to lose weight? Have you ever had your resting metabolic rate (RMR) tested?  Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is a measurement of the total number of calories your body requires at rest over 24 hours to maintain function such as breathing, heart rate, and vital organs. A person’s RMR is influenced by many factors including weight, age, gender, stress, and body composition, among others. If a person consumes a number of calories below their RMR they can struggle to lose weight. At Duke Health and Fitness Center you can get your RMR tested using the Body Gem system and it only takes 30 minutes. This test will provide you with quick and accurate information regarding your calorie needs. It is also available to pair the results with a nutrition consultation (insurance coverage varies), so you can take the results and make healthy lifestyle changes. The test is only $70 for members and $85 for non-members and can be scheduled at any time with one of our dietitians, Samantha or Kara. If you are interested please contact Samantha   Mendelowitz at 919-660-6656 or or Kara Mitchell at 919-660-6656 or email

Comment Card Corner | Gym Etiquette

With the new year comes the breath of change. In this space, we wanted to share feedback we have received through membership on how to improve the community here at the DHFC.

Clear your Weights from Bars—Many members have been getting so strong they can place rather impressive amounts of weights on the bar. It seems at times, they are too tired to clean it off after lifting it all. For the wellbeing of everyone please be sure to clear your weights from bars when you are finished.


Do not store benches under Smith Machine—The Smith Machine is one of the most utilized & versatile pieces of equipment in the facility. We have people who have found it difficult to use at times because benches are left under the bar & they do not feel comfortable safely moving it. This also impedes traffic on the track.  Please take a moment to return the benches to the open space after utilization.

Cell Phone Conversations—This was one of our most discussed topics of 2017. It is difficult as technology integrates into our lives to establish cultural norms for appropriate boundaries for our devices. Although cell phone use is not prohibited, we do ask individuals to keep their use to a minimum & think of those around you when they are in use.  Attempt to keep in mind, even though you do not mind a person hearing your conversations, those conversations may be disruptive to the workout environment. Thank you in advance for keeping our community courteous!

Cell Phone Free Zones—Playing off the above discussion, there are in fact places within the facility we attempt to keep Cell Phone Free. Of course, policing this is a community effort. We ask that no cell phones be used in Saunas, Locker rooms,  & Showers.  Thank you for helping us all enjoy a safe & comfortable environment free of concerns related to this issue.

The Fight over Fans— It has come to our attention multiple times that some members prefer fans on & some prefer them off. Some have, at times, taken it upon themselves to make the choice for everyone & adjust them as they see fit. The fans are a vital part of keeping air circulating & regulating temperature for the whole fitness center. We would ask if you would like them adjusted, please consult an exercise physiologist at      Clinical Check-in & they will ask the members within the area & take appropriate steps to adjust the fans if a majority feels strongly one way or another.