Staff Updates

New Staff Members

We are extremely excited to announce our newest employees, Dana Arie & Stewart Cameron. Dana completed her B.E.D in   Physical Education and is a licensed Physical Therapist in her home country of Israel. She moved to North Carolina in 2017 with her husband who is an Internal Medicine resident at UNC. Dana has been teaching group fitness classes for many years. She especially loves Latin dance and has taught Salsa and Bachata. 

New Massage Therapist

Stewart Cameron has been interested health since he began exercising at the age of 8 in his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. After working in the fitness industry for 12 years in England and Bermuda, Stewart moved to Oregon in 1992 & trained as a massage therapist at East West College in Portland. He practiced massage, in Oregon until moving to North Carolina last year. He practiced massage in a variety of settings including chiropractic, private practice, the Rehabilitation & recently with the Integrative Medicine Cancer Center of Providence Hospital. His treatments include Oncology, Deep Tissue, Thai, Reflexology & Neuromuscular Release techniques.

Maria's Retirement

On a parting note, with a heavy heart, we said goodbye to our Director, Maria Nardini, last month. She retired from Duke leaving the management team, Debbie, Kara & Mike in charge of the day to day until a new director is hired.

Construction Updates

We are almost done with our current renovations & as a few members have stated, “inquiring minds want to know.” During this process, we replaced all air handlers in the gym, locker rooms, offices, & pool areas, duct work and all. So we have new, state of the art air handling just in time for the southern summer!

A new boiler was installed for heating of air and water. Tile was repaired around the women’s shower drains and both locker rooms had a tile deep clean. The pool resurfacing is underway but due to an unforeseen circumstance, the resurfacing will continue for an additional week. The alternative facilities that have been available will remain available until the project is complete. Utilization of the alternative facilities is at an all-time high for our project history. We are overjoyed to see so many people still keeping to their regular exercise routines while we work on improving our facility. Next week,  on    Tuesday, May 8th, there will be a small painting project in the men’s locker rooms. This minor disruption should only last 3-4 hours.

Rainbow Walk

The 18th annual event will be held this Saturday on our track. The event is managed by the  Duke PBMT May 5th(Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplantation ) clinic. The walk utilizes the track and infield areas & tends to utilize near track parking more than normal. The track is still open for utilization & normal operations will continue here at the fitness center. To Donate

Cutting TOO MANY Calories- Eating Below your RMR & not losing weight?

Most of us know the adage that to lose weight we have to eat fewer calories than we expend. Do you know that there is taking it too far with this as well? If you cut calories below your RMR (resting metabolic rate) you are at risk of lowering your overall metabolism and stunting progress toward weight loss. Aside from making weight management more difficult, eating below your RMR can lead to, fatigue, lethargy, hormonal imbalances, & decreased muscle mass. (The goal of any weight loss plan should account for preserving muscle mass.) In order to ensure you are eating the appropriate amount of calories, you can have your RMR calculated by one of our Dietitians during a consultation, or you can even find some different estimated calculations online.  But if you have been unsuccessful with your weight loss attempts, or if you simply just value precision, it may be time to get a true measurement of your RMR.  The RMR test is $70/$85 (member/nonmember) and can also be paired with a consult with one of our dietitians (covered through most insurance plans), these results may lead you to eat more while making weight management much more effective.

Automatic Door Troubles

As of late, we have had many members experiencing difficulty operating the automatic doors leading to the locker room areas. These doors are equipped with a sensor, by law, that prohibits opening operation when an individual is standing within the radius of the swinging doors. You can tell if you are within this radius by looking at the sensor. If you see a red light illuminated, the door will not open due to someone standing within the door opening radius. When you see this red light, attempt taking a step back or to the side. Once the red light is no longer illuminated, then re-engaging the button & the doors should open. If you have further trouble, fitness staff are trained in the doors operation & will be happy to assist you.

Gym Etiquette

In an attempt to create a safe, friendly & comfortable environment for everyone to exercise in, here are a few reminders brought to our attention by membership in since the last newsletter.

  • Shoes must be worn in the fitness center, this is both a safety &  germ transition issue.
  • Try to keep stationary conversations off the track. We have had quite a few concerns of near collisions, if we can keep the track clear we can prevent those near misses &      promote a safer, considerate community.
  • Wait for class to be finished to place mats, weights, etc. /Don’t walk through the wood floor during an active class. We would like to create a culture of mutual respect for all classes spaces, respecting the space & the patrons. This culture spreads throughout the facility &  leads to an environment of trust & understanding.
  • Last, but certainly not least. Paid client time/ 1:1 personal training sessions are not the appropriate time to ask an exercise physiologist a question. If you do have a question, but the nearest exercise physiologist is working with someone, you can always ask the EP located at clinical Check In!