As the pandemic progresses and we see our essential workers continue to work tirelessly to protect our community, you may be feeling like there could be more we can do.  In this time of social distancing, our options for supporting the community and people around us may not be as apparent as they once were.  There are ways we can begin to offer our support to those who may need it while still keeping our self and our loved ones safe and healthy.

We have compiled a list of charities and programs that could use our support in order to continue to bring their services to those who need it. They are all working in different capacities during this time, and so we recommend checking the website by following the link provided or calling to learn how to best assist them. Support in any form is welcomed. Thank you for working with us to support our community during this time!

Support Health Efforts

Support National Health Response

Work with or donate to these food pantries

Many of these organizations offer other services as well, contact directly for more information

Contribute to the growth and security of our youth

Support with shelter for those in need 

Support Local Businesses 

  • Order curbside pickup/delivery direct from local businesses if possible
  • Buy gift cards to support and sustain small businesses
  • Look for local curbside drop-off or delivery before shopping amazon   

Additional Resources

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog & look into giving back. The above are a variety of organizations available in our community to lend a helping hand to those that may need it. It is certainly not an exhaustive list. If you have other organizations or ways people can help others in this difficult time please reach out to us at . We would be happy to add more ways to help our community. These are in no way sponsored or affiliate organizations of the Duke Health and Fitness Center. They are our team's way of taking a moment to shine a light on those hurting & ways our community can help. Again, thank you for your time, stay safe & be well!