Our primary goal for cancer survivors, both during and after treatment, is maintaining or improving quality of life. Our experienced Exercise Physiologists can help ensure safe exercise experiences by providing clear guidelines and monitoring before, during, and after each exercise session. Our monitoring is documented in your patient chart, enabling your Duke physician to stay connected to your progress. Our knowledgeable Dietitians will work with you to maximize the power of proper nutrition, specific to your diagnosis and recovery. 

Individualized Exercise Consultations

We work closely with the Duke Cancer Institute and are an integral part of their survivorship programming.  Our Exercise Physiologists have a weekly clinic day at the Duke Cancer Institute to provide free 30-60 minute private, individualized exercise consultations to cancer patients.  This service is offered every Monday afternoon from 2-4pm and every Wednesday morning from 8:45-11:30 am.  Provider referral and self-referral are both accepted.  This is a drop-in service, but appointments are recommended.  To reserve an appointment, please email Jessica Ferry at jessica.ferry@duke.edu.  If you are not a DCI patient, you can schedule a private Exercise Consultation at our location by contacting Mike Tuggle at 919-660-6811 or at michael.tuggle@duke.edu. One-hour Exercise Consultations are $62 for Fitness Center members and $73 for non-members.

Fitness Center Membership

If you are a cancer survivor, we recommend our Clinical membership for a more individualized and monitored approach to exercise. As a Clinical member you are assigned to an Exercise Physiologist, called a Lifestyle Counselor, who reviews your medical history, listens to your needs and concerns, works with you to develop short-term and long-term wellness goals, and then provides a detailed exercise prescription to get you started safely. Clinical memberships can also include blood pressure readings, heart rate checks, oxygen levels and other important vitals pre, during and post-exercise.  If you are a Duke patient, this information will be electronically loaded in your medical chart.              


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For more information about our memberships or to make an appointment with our Membership Coordinator, please contact Alex Lewis at 919.660.6710 or e-mail alexander.n.lewis@duke.edu

Nutrition consultations for cancer survivors

Proper nutrition plays an important role in every life, but it is particularly relevant for cancer survivors. Meet with one of our Dietitians for a comprehensive dietary approach to your health concerns and to maximize recovery and longevity. Nutrition Consultations will be processed through health insurance; coverage varies by plan.  Call our nutrition office at 919-660-6656 to schedule an appointment.

Clinical Check-In Desk at the Duke Health & Fitness Center