Both exercise and diet have profound impacts on individuals living with diabetes, providing many significant health benefits. The benefits range from increasing insulin sensitivity, decreasing glucose levels and achieving optimal A1C levels to decreasing blood pressure, fatigue, depression and risk of heart disease. We can help you navigate the maze of variables in order to maximize the health benefits of both physical activity and nutrition.

Diabetes and Exercise Program

Our program starts with an intital, confidential consultation that includes a fitness pre-assessment and a specific exercise prescription.  With full access to our spacious fitness center, our professional and caring staff helps ensure safe and effective exercise experiences by providing clear guidelines and monitoring you before, during, and after each exercise session. Our monitoring is documented in your patient chart, enabling your Duke physician to stay connected to your progress. The program will conclude with a post assessment, long-term plan and the option to remain a member at Duke Health & Fitness Center.   

Our Diabetes & Exercise program includes:

  • Individual exercise consultation, including detailed exercise plan and fitness assessment
  • 8-week clinical gym membership, including full fitness center access
  • Exercise Physiologists to monitor blood pressure, glucose and heart rate and to provide guidance and oversight during exercise sessions
  • Post-program fitness assessment
  • Long-term, individualized exercise plan
  • Option to continue gym membership with discount

Our Staff
We are passionate about what we do and have the expertise and experience to help you be successful. Our Exercise Physiologists have either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in exercise science, as well as extensive experience working with diabetic individuals who may be exercising for the first time or who have exercised for years. 

Program Fees
Our Diabetes Exercise Program cost is $245.  This cost is equivalent to $27- $30 per week, similar to one co-pay per week with unlimited exercise time. Monthly payment plan options are also available.

Registration is on-going and required prior to first visit.  For more information, or to register, contact Kara Mitchell MS, RDN/LDN, ACSM-RCEP, CDE at 919-660-6818 or

Individual Exercise or Nutrition Consultations

For out-of-town individuals, or those without the ability to commit to a multi-week program, we offer consult options to provide individualized, realistic and detailed exercise and/or nutrition plans based on current health status and short-term and long-term goals.

  • Individual Exercise Consultation with one of our exercise physiologists

               Member rate: $62 for 60-minute consultation

               Non-member rate: $73 for 60-minute consultation

To schedule an appointment, please call Mike Tuggle at 919-660-6811 or email

  • Individual Nutrtion Consultation with our Certified Diabetes Educator/Registered Dietitian - processed through health insurance, plans vary.

To schedule an appointment, please call Kara Mitchell at 919-660-6818 or email