Exercise is commonly recommended for helping to manage Parkinson's. In addition to the typical results that can be achieved through physical activity, such as increased cardiovascular capacity and muscle strength, regular exercise can also improve balance, walking mechanics and daily physical functions for those with Parkinson's. 

Parkinson's PWR!Moves Class -- NOW VIRTUAL!

This 45 minute PWR!Moves exercise class meets every Thursday at 2:30 pm for a four-week period. This class uses functional training exercises to address range of motion, balance, strength, and other Parkinson's related symptoms. All participants must have a physician's clearance prior to participating in the class. Come see the PWR! difference by taking on the program with our certified instructor.

Registration is required.

$45 for members | $50 for nonmembers 

To register, please call  or email Sara Edwardson | 919.660.6810

Interested in Finding out more?
Watch this short video highlighting our program by CNN.