Whether you are transitioning from Pulmonary Rehab or have seasonal asthma, exercise provides many significant health benefits to individuals living with pulmonary disease.  We recommend our Clinical membership for a more individualized and monitored approach to exercise. As a Clinical member you are assigned to an Exercise Physiologist, called a Lifestyle Counselor, who reviews your medical history, listens to your needs and concerns, works with you to develop short-term and long-term wellness goals, and then provides a detailed exercise prescription to get you started safely. Clinical memberships can also include blood pressure readings, heart rate checks, oxygen levels and other important vitals pre, during and post-exercise.  If you are a Duke patient, this information will be electronically loaded in your medical chart.

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We are not a Pulmonary Rehab facility and it is important that we recognize the limitations of the services that we are able to offer to those with pulmonary needs. For this reason, we have the following requirements for those who join our facility:

  • Anyone requiring oxygen at rest or to exercise is required to have a Clinical membership
  • Oxygen requirements cannot exceed 3 LPM during exercise, while maintaining a minimum SpO2 of 90% or higher. 

If you are unable to meet these expectations, Duke Pulmonary Rehab may be another resource for your needs.  You may contact their program at 919-660-6628.


Individuals joining us from Duke Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation will enjoy many of the same pieces of equipment used previously in rehab, such as the recumbent elliptical from Octane Fitness.