The ideal starting point for any individualized weight loss program is the accurate determination of resting metabolic rate (RMR).  The most accurate method is direct measurement using a calorimeter, which is used at Duke Health & Fitness Center.  We recommend combining the RMR testing with a nutrition consult. This combination of services will provide both a complete understanding of the results and a detailed nutrtion plan that incorporates the measured metabolic data. 

RMR testing takes approximately 30 minutes.  Proper preparation is important for accurate test results, so please be sure to follow the instructions provided during scheduling process.


Resting Metabolic Test

  • $70 for Fitness Center members
  • $85 for non-members

Nutrition consultations are available, in addition to the RMR test, in order to develop detailed a nutrition prescription based on the RMR data and your goals.  Many health insurance plans cover nutrition consultations, and out-of-pocket options are available. 

To learn more or schedule an appointment, please call our nutrition office at 919-660-6656 or email


Sara, one of our Exercise Physiologists, participating in a Resting Metabolic Rate Test.