Fitness assessments

Fitness Assessments are a great tool for either starting an exercise program or evaluating your current routine.  For those that are just starting to exercise, our experienced Exercise Physiologists will use the assessment to provide a guide for areas of concentration, as well as provide a baseline for setting your short-term and long-term goals.  Based on the results, we will create a unique program based on your needs, expectations and what you enjoy.  For those who have been exercising regularly, the assessment is a great resource for determining areas of focus, from which you will most benefit, as well as showing what you have been doing well.   

During the Assessment

Plan to Measure and Discuss

  • Blood pressure

  • Heart rate

  • Body composition

  • BMI

  • Upper body strength

  • Lower body strength

  • Muscle endurance

  • Aerobic endurance

  • Flexibility

  • Medical history

  • Exercise goals

  • Activities you enjoy

If you would like to track your progress, a post-assessment can provide valuable feedback.

Fitness Assessment Pricing


  • Pre-Assessment: $80
  • Post Assessment: $61
  • Assessment Package: $127


  • Pre-Assessment: $94.40
  • Post Assessment  $72
  • Assessment Package: $150

Save 10% and buy an Assessment Package.

Find out more

Fitness assessments are made by appointment.

Call Mike Tuggle at 919-660-6811 or email to schedule an appointment or for more information.