Now offering Virtual, Onsite outdoor & indoor training!

Whether you’re thinking of starting an exercise program or your existing workout routine could use some expert guidance and individualized attention, consider spending some quality time with one of our degreed and certified Personal Trainers.

Our experienced personal training staff is here to help you reach your fitness goals by supporting and motivating you, through gains in cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, stamina, and flexibility -- as well as achieving overall better health and a sense of accomplishment.

Available to both members and non-members, our personal trainers provide individually tailored, one-on-one services that include:

  • Fitness assessments and Exercise Prescription
  • Functional training
  • Programming for those with chronic disease - diabetes, arthritis, coronary artery disease, Parkinson's, cancer, etc.
  • Sport-specific training and athletic conditioning
  • Training for specific events, including an active vacation
  • Weight loss and weight management
  • Post cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation exercise programs
  • Injury prevention and recovery programs
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Aquatic training

Personal training rates are discounted for both Duke Health and Fitness Center members and those who purchase packages.

New members receive 10% off their first purchased package and 50% off their first single 60 min personal training session.

For more information about our personal training services, or to inquire about membership or schedule an appointment, contact us at .

Virtual Training

We currently offer a safe, non-contact personal training experience from the comfort & convenience of your own home or location of your choice. Our staff will assist you in developing good habits to achieve fitness goals.

Ways Virtual Personal Training is the same as Traditional Personal Training

  • The same motivation & accountability

  • The same form & coaching 

  • The same increase in effectiveness & safety of training
  • The same customization & individualized exercise prescription to the user 

Ways Virtual Personal Training is not like Traditional Personal Training

  • You don't have to compete with
    • weather
    • traffic
    • crowds
    • distractions trying to deter you 

Additional Benefits to Virtual Personal Training over Traditional Personal Training

  • Learn to utilize tools/equipment you already have in your own home.
  • Plan & discuss how to stay active no matter your quarantine challenges
  • Think about new strategies to implement physical activity and exercise into your current quarantine routine.
  • It is the most affordable 1:1 service we have.

Take a look at our meet the team page. Once you find a trainer you would like to work with, you can email them directly or reach out to us at

Virtual Training Sessions will be hosted by Webex  or Zoom calls. (HIPAA compliant) If you would like to find out more about Webex Click Here & for Zoom Click Here.

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Virtual Training Pricing

Member - 30 MINUTE SESSIONS (Virtual) 

  • Single Session  $32 
  • 6 Session Package $179 
  • 12 Session Package $337 

Member Buddy | Group - 30 MIN SESSIONS (Virtual)  

  • 2 people (Buddy) $27 per person  
  • Group (3 or more) $23 per person   


Non Member -  30 MINUTE SESSIONS (Virtual)

  • Single Session $38  
  • 6 Session Package $213  
  • 12 Session Package $399  

Non Member  Buddy | Group   - 30 MIN SESSIONS (Virtual)

  • 2 people (Buddy) $32 per person  
  • Group (3 or more) $27 per person 
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I have never been more satisfied with anyone connected to my health and well being. I feel very fortunate to have connected with someone of his intelligence and concern at this more vulnerable part of my life.

Outdoor Training

Are you looking to get your training done, rain or shine? Are you looking to grab some rays while you burn calories or sprint under the breezeway corridor at the Pepsi Co. Fitness Center? Outdoor training might be for you. Our staff will bring the same accountability, expertise, intensity & vigor to sessions that are safe & socially distanced in nature. Clients are encouraged to bring equipment from home to utilize & learn how to maximize the effectiveness of minimal equipment. Pricing is the same as traditional rates. For more information reach out to our service manager, Mike Tuggle.

Member Prices
Member discount rates for personal training
Our members enjoy a significant discount on all services at Duke Health & Fitness Center.

30 Minute Sessions

  • Single Session  $38  
  • 6 Session Package $214
  • 12 Session Package $401

60 Minute Sessions

  • Single Session $62
  • 6 Session Package $350
  • 12 Session Package $655
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Non Member Pricing
Not a member? You can still personal train with our highly qualified Exercise Physiologists

30 Minute Sessions

  • Single Session $45
  • 6 Session Package $253
  • 12 Session Package $473

60 Minute Sessions

  • Single Session $73
  • 6 Session Package $413
  • 12 Session Package $773
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