Exercise Physiologist
BS Physical Therapy, Ariel University School of Health Sciences I BS Education in Physical Education, Kibbutzim College

Dana completed her B.E.D in Physical Education and is a licensed Physical Therapist in her home country of Israel. She moved to North Carolina in 2017 with her husband who is an Internal Medicine resident at UNC. Dana has been teaching group fitness classes for many years. She especially loves Latin dance and has taught Salsa and Bachata. 


  • American Heart Association - Basic Cardiac Life Support
  • Physical Therapist Liscence - Israel Ministry of Heatlh
  • Certified Personal Trainer - Kibbutzim College, Tel Aviv
  • Simming Instructor Certification - Kibbutzim College, Tel Aviv
  • Pilates Mat Instructor Certification - Hagymnasia, Tel Aviv
  • Zumba Fitness Instructor Level 1 Certification
  • Group Fitness Instructor Certification - Hagymnasia, Tel Aviv
  • Salsa and Latin Dance Instructor Certification - Latino del Mundo, Tel Aviv