Cardio Core

A high-intensity Tabata-style class offering short bursts of cardio to increase aerobic capacity and muscular endurance. Total body movements are utilized, with an emphasis on using core muscles.

Cardio Move

High energy, choreographed routine with low impact movements, providing a fun and effective cardio workout.


A time efficient workout that rotates through multiple stations and includes a combination of strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility.  

Cycle Fit 

An indoor group cycling class with an emphasis on the cycling experience.  Encouraging instructors lead you through a series of flat roads, hills, jumps, and sprints while listening to motivating music.  This class can be challenging, but also accommodates all fitness levels.

Latin Dance

A fusion of Latin and World rhythms, with easy-to-follow moves that create a unique fitness class.  Get a cardiovascular workout while having fun dancing to a variety of music.   

Power Cycle

Want to take your indoor cycling class up a notch?  Power cycle will get you out of your comfort zone by challenging your aerobic capacity and endurance.

Step Aerobics

Using a Step platform, this cardiovascular-based class includes high-intensity movements and low impact choreography.

Step Challenge

A total body workout that includes Step Aerobics and full-body strength training and flexibility.  

Strong & Limber

Integrating strength, flexibility, and balance for a complete workout that improves your everyday life and function.  Classes utilize a wide variety of fitness equipment, including bands, hand weights, stability balls, balance mats and more.

Total Kick

A high intensity aerobic and strength workout that combines boxing punches and kicks with traditional aerobic shuffles, squats, and jacks.  

Classes with less than 5 participants on a regular basis are subject to cancellation.